Privacy Policy

The terms that can be found at this page dictate the privacy policy of FREE ONLINE POKIES. All of these terms can be changed by the website’s management at any given time. The management can do that without having to go back to the users or even notify them with such change. The nature of such change can include the deletion of terms as well as adding new ones. It can also include modifications to any of the listed terms. All of the information and the content that is available on the website belong to FREE ONLINE POKIES and it has the right to edit it or delete it at any time.

The users of FREE ONLINE POKIES will have the chance to view any of the content on the website and access all of the pages without having to provide the website with any information. On the other hand, any of the users who would like to get involved with the website even more and to have the ability to add content and post their opinions, they will have to create and register an account.

In order for the users to create their account, they will have to fill the sign up form with their first name, user name, last name, physical address, email address &billing address among other personal information.

The users can rest assured that their information that they have provided to the website is safeguarded and protected by the latest protection technologies. This database of information will not be shared to other websites or any third parties under any circumstances. It will only be accessed by its affiliates and partners. This will enable it to supply the users with customer support among other essential services.