Online Jackpot Pokies

Online Pokies that are also known as online slot machines come with a jackpot win. Of course, come games have higher jackpots than others do. Usually, the jackpot is triggered when players get three of the highest paying symbols on the winning line, or five symbols if it is a five-reeled slot machine. Some games will require players to enter a specific bonus round and if they win in that round, they will win the jackpot. The amount of the jackpot win can vary between 300 credits up to thousands.

Players will be able to find out about the jackpot prize, its amount and how to trigger it by checking the paytable of the game. At 3-reeled slot machines, players will be able to view that at the paytable that is usually located at the right side of the screen. As for 5-reeled slots and video slots, players will be able to view the paytable to know more about the jackpot by clicking on the “View Pays” button or the “View Payouts” button.


Some games will require players to fulfill a certain criteria in order to trigger the jackpot.  Most games would require that players use the maximum coin size and

place the maximum number of coins on all of the paylines of the game. In simpler words, it requires players to place the maximum bet on the slot machine in order to be able to trigger the jackpot of the slot machine.

Some advanced pokies will offer players more than one jackpot, especially 5-reeled pokies. Some pokies offer a major jackpot which has the highest payout, a medium sized jackpot and a small jackpot that is often triggered. Although the jackpot that is triggered regularly does not give great rewards but players have better chances of hitting it if they keep placing wagers on that slot machine for a decent amount of time.

Although these jackpots pay handsomely, they can never reach millions.

millionsworthjackpotProgressive Jackpot Pokies

As mentioned above, regular jackpots can’t reach millions but progressive jackpots are a whole different story. These progressive pokies have the ability to pass the one million mark, matter of fact, some of them can reach and pass the 5 million mark. This is why these jackpots are known for having the ability to turn lucky and regular players into instant millionaires.

How are they triggered?

Since there are millions of dollars at stake at these progressive jackpots, players will not be able to trigger them by simply getting a specific combination of symbols. Instead, players will have to enter a bonus round, this bonus round can be randomly triggered or triggered by specific symbols. Players will then have to win in this bonus round. This bonus round is usually a game of luck such as spinning the wheel or a mini slot machine or players will pick one of many items in order to reveal a specific symbol.

progressivejackpotHow do These Jackpots Reach millions?

The reason behind the great amounts that these jackpots can reach is the fact that they are progressive. This means that whenever a player places a wager on a specific progressive slot machine at any casino, the progressive jackpot of this game will increase in every other casino. This jackpot will keep on increasing as players place bets on it until a lucky player hits the jackpot and claims his reward.

For example, The Mega Moolah is one of the popular progressive online pokies in the industry that created a lot of millionaires. If a player places a bet on The Mega Moolah on any Microgaming casino, for example, Jackpot City, the progressive jackpot of the game in every Microgaming casino will increase.

Of course, the chances of triggering the progressive jackpot are astronomical and it should be, because it will enable you to be a millionaire. This is why players who are intending to give progressive jackpot pokies a try, they have to be ready to go through a lot of money before hitting it. On the other hand, progressive online pokies do have regular payouts, so players can enjoy the game as any other online slot without mainly focusing on the progressive jackpot so they do not get frustrated.

Some of the best online progressive pokies are developed by Microgaming. The list of progressive pokies includes Major Millions and The Mega Moolah among other pokies. These games can be found at Jackpot City, Lucky Nugget and Gaming Club among other casinos.